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Teletechnical and electrical installations

An indispensable element of a modern facility. They set safety and comfort standards, allowing free use of the functions of various devices powered by electricity.

We specialize in the installation of the following systems:

  • audible warning systems
  • fire detection and alarm systems
  • CCTV systems
  • burglary and robbery alarm systems
  • access control systems
  • structured cabling systems
  • worktime tracking systems
  • building automation systems
  • gas extinguishing systems
  • electrical installations
  • public address systems
  • integration of security systems

We are in a position to perform::

  • comprehensive implementation of projects, including the provision of all the necessary materials and acceptance by industrial safety inspectors
  • comprehensive design of telecom and electrical installations, including the obtainment of the necessary approvals
  • system start-up and programming
  • measurements
  • maintenance and servicing
  • systems expansion and rebuilding
  • visualizations of security systems.



    +48 22 619 47 02

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