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Office refurbishment

Office premises can be refurbished and given a fresh new look in a relatively short time. Most importantly, all the works can be performed without the need for relocation and without disrupting the company’s operation due to a prolonged general overhaul.

As a company grows, it often becomes necessary to rebuild or rearrange part of its office premises. This can be caused e.g. by the need to adjust the premises to an increase in the number of employees. A reorganisation of the work space may also be required when a company changes the line of its business. In this and similar cases, the concept of the office space may change e.g. from the so-called ‘open space’ to a space divided into office rooms for small groups of employees. Changes like this often call for a refurbishment of the office premises in order to adapt them to the current needs of the business.

Our office refurbishment range includes:

  • replacing the existing partition walls
  • adapting all the existing installations to the new layout of the office space
  • painting the walls
  • replacing suspended ceilings
  • replacing the floor coverings
  • and many other kinds of works that may be required, depending on the extent of refurbishment.



+48 22 619 47 02

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